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a salon & cosmetics studio, staffed by expert professional stylists and stocked with premium products;

a ladies' fashion boutique, featuring a striking collection of styles both classic and unique

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Patty & Bob Bergren


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Our new lines include:

*Caribe - U.S.A.

   Soft fabrics - interesting prints      

*Clotheshead - U.S.A.

   Patterned, Cotton Tops

*Zoe - Canada

   Unique combination of print     

*Simon Chang Dresses - Canada

*Multiples Co-ordinates - Import

   Great fit - tummy control pant  

*Rochelle Tops - U.S.A.        

*Brighton Jewelry & Accessories

*Kathrine Sultan Jewelry - Paris

*M. Bianco Handbags - Great          Colors

*Staples - Co-ordinated Separates -

  Fine Fabrics - U.S.A.

*MeMoi - Fun Accessories -   SlimMe Shapers

 *Pocket Poppet - "Cardigan on the go"  U.S.A.














New to House of Berggren :























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